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Shell HQ blockaded - 'day of action' a success


Today once again witnessed a peaceful protest against the giveaway of Ireland’s natural resources marred by scenes of Garda heavy handedness and violence.  It was only the latest incident in an ongoing saga of Garda brutality aimed at those who oppose the state’s giveaway of billions of Euro worth of Irish natural resources to private energy companies.

Protesters from Dublin Shell to Sea, including upwards of a dozen éirígí activists, formed a blockade outside the various entrances to Shell headquarters in Dublin from early this morning.  As those who had gathered linked arms to form a cordon, the garda assault began.  Protesters were pushed to the ground, punched, and in a number of cases choked by uniformed gardaí.  The violent attacks were repeated throughout the morning as those engaging in the protest refused to be intimidated by the bully-boy tactics being used the ‘guardians of the peace’.

Speaking after this morning’s protest, éirígí chairperson Brian Leeson commented:

‘Once again we have witnessed a violent over-reaction from the Gardaí to a peaceful protest. Whether in Mayo or Dublin, it seems the forces of the state are willing to unleash violence on those protesting against the theft of Irelands natural resources by Shell.

‘This theft has its roots in the cosy relationships developed between the private energy companies and politicians such as Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern, under successive Fianna Fáil led governments.

‘The theft of our nations natural resources is an issue of national importance.’

‘What is also of national importance is the thuggish tactics employed by the gardaí towards those engaging in peaceful protest. The Gardaí are representatives of the state, and their behaviour is symptomatic of the tight-knit relationship between big business and the Fianna Fáil/PD government. Today, the Gardaí truly were ‘Shells cops’.

The people versus the state

Doing what cops do - Shells cops at work in Dublin

Stretched - Shells cops have their work cut out for them

eirigi activists in the middle of the struggle

eirigi activists waiting for the next attempted entry by Shells employees

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