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66th Anniversary of Nakba Marked in Palestine


Al-Nakba marked in PalestineLast week Palestinians marked the 66th anniversary of the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe), referring to a time when over 700,000 Palestinian people were forcibly driven from their homes by the Haganah (a Zionist militia which was later to become the Israeli Defence Force). Hundreds of towns and villages were destroyed and thousands of people killed. As a result of this act of mass ethnic cleansing Israel was illegally founded on May 14th 1948.

Today over five million Palestinians live in refugee camps. Palestinian people have consistently fought for their right to return to their villages, many of which are completely vacant even today. They realise that this is an inalienable right, one which is not open to negotiation or debate. They have resisted continued Israeli attempts to destroy this right.

Settlement building, the illegal Apartheid Wall and army harassment are just some of the tactics used to try and demoralise Palestinians and force them to give up their fight. These attempts will not succeed.

Nakba Day in 2014 was marked with demonstrations throughout Gaza and the occupied West Bank. Thousands turned out in Jerusalem, Ramallah, Hebron, Bethlehem and Nablus. Many peaceful demonstrations were attacked by soldiers. Two Palestinian teenagers, Mohammad Odeh Abu Zaher and Nadeem Nawara were killed by live ammunition outside the notorious Ofer Prison near Ramallah. Scores more were wounded by Israeli gunfire.

Predictably, the occupation forces have made false claims that only rubber bullets were used at the protests, contradicting official medical reports. These crimes committed by the occupation forces will only serve to increase Palestinian resistance and determination.

éirígí fully supports the right of return of the Palestinian refugees and the popular resistance demonstrated throughout Palestine. éirígí also condemns the recent transfer of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat from Gilboa prison to Hadarim prison.

At the same time the party’s leader in occupation prisons was transferred in the opposite direction. This was a cynical attempt by the Zionist authorities to undermine the struggle in the prisons, where there over 100 administrative detainees currently on hunger strike.

Speaking on the issue Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson said, “The policy of administrative detention has similarities to internment by remand which is being used here in Ireland. Hundreds of prisoners are held without charge or trial for months on end on the basis of ‘secret evidence’. Visits are restricted and many are held in isolation.

“The mass hunger strike is a protest against this illegal practice and éirígí extends solidarity to the prisoners engaged in this protest.”


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