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Edwards Declares Government Blackmail Will Not Work in Tipperary


Phil Hoganéirígí Tipperary spokesperson Mike Edwards has dismissed the latest threats relating to the boycott of Phil Hogan’s home tax as ‘an outrageous attempt at blackmail’. Edwards was speaking after the new Fine Gael Chairperson of South Tipperary County Council, John Crosse, warned that the provision of basic services in the area will be negatively affected if people continue the boycott of the home tax.

Crosse is claiming that services such as public lighting, housing grants and water treatment will be hit as his party colleague, Twenty-Six County Environment Minister Phil Hogan, was withholding up to €1.8 million in funding until more people paid his poll tax.

Just 60 percent of liable properties are ‘home tax compliant’ in South Tipperary, with the number of compliant occupier owners even lower. Hogan is also withholding up to €1.5 million of central government funding that is due to North Tipperary County Council.

Speaking from Tipperary, Mike Edwards said, “The decision to withhold central government funding from local authorities is an outrageous attempt at blackmail. It is just another in the long line of cynical ploys used by Hogan as he attempts to force people into paying his unjust tax.

“Instead of accepting the fact that his efforts to collect the home tax have been a dismal failure, Hogan now appears to be willing to use a form of collective punishment against the entire population. As is always the case with such cuts to public services it will be the most vulnerable in our society that suffer the most.

“The fact remains that the home tax is an immoral and unjust tax which will be defeated by continuing the mass boycott, which has seen about 50 percent of homeowners refuse to pay it. éirígí unreservedly supports the boycott of the home tax and we would urge people not to give into the scaremongering and blackmail of the Dublin government.”

Edwards concluded, “The people of Tipperary will not be intimidated by the establishment and their bully-boy tactics. éirígí is asking the people of Tipperary to remain steadfast in the boycott and force the immoral home tax to be dropped.”


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