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Ballyfermot Fights Back!


On Saturday January 30th up to a dozen people took part in an anti-cutbacks protest at the Kylemore roundabout, Ballyfermot, which had been called by éirígí’s local ciorcal (branch).

The protest follows an anti-cutbacks public meeting which éirígí had organised in the Orchard Community Centre, Ballyfermot in December.

Despite the freezing wind the protest lasted for over an hour and a half, with those taking part being cheered on by a steady stream of car horns and words of encouragement from passers by.

Protest against cutbacks

Speaking at the protest éirígí spokesperson Councillor Louise Minihan said:

“Today’s protest highlights the need for a local campaign of resistance against the cutbacks being imposed by the Dublin government and Dublin City Council.

“Last year the people of Ballyfermot took to the streets and successfully reversed a decision that would have seen harsh cutbacks implemented at Cherry Orchard Hospital. Once again it is time to take to the streets and defend our community. Ballyfermot has suffered neglect by the Twenty-Six County establishment for generations. Nobody is going to fight for Ballyfermot except the people of Ballyfermot themselves.

Protest against cutbacks

“It is absolutely unacceptable that youth clubs, women’s groups, drug prevention projects, sports clubs and community development projects, which were created through the hard work of local people, should have had their funding cut so that private banks can stay in business.

“éirígí is committed to working with the people of Ballyfermot and other working class communities in the building of a mass campaign of opposition to the cutbacks charter that the Dublin government is currently implementing.”

If you are interested in joining or helping éirígí in Ballyfermot, or anywhere in Ireland, please:

Phone: 00353 (0) 86 236 72 98


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