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From KOE, Greece: Message to the Irish People


éirígí has just received the following message of solidarity from the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) in support of our NO campaign:

KOETo the progressive Irish People
To the socialist republican movement campaigning for a NO vote on May 31st

Brothers and Sisters!

You find yourselves just a day before a most critical vote in the referendum about the so called “Stability Treaty”. Your vote is critical, first of all, for the very future of Ireland, for the very future of each one of you and of your children. The camp of the “yes-men”, composed by all the obedient and guilty servants of a repeatedly failed policy and of a system that has times and again proved to be destructive and corrupted to the core, are trying to terrorize you.

According to them, “the Apocalypse will fall on your heads” in case you dare to prove, once again, that you put above all else in importance the future of your children and the dignity of a sovereign Ireland. The truth is that a NO vote shall oblige them to think twice before they further advance their program of total annihilation of the Irish People’s social, democratic and national rights.

Moreover, a NO vote will have immediate repercussions on the further development of the struggles all over Europe, where the peoples are courageously fighting to overthrow the yoke imposed by a handful of profiteers and their political personnel.

Brothers and Sisters!

You are not alone! Among others, the Greek People is fighting by your side against our common enemies. Just think of the power we, the Peoples of Europe, have in our hands: less than a month ago, the relative victory of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA) and the huge defeat of the once mighty pro-troika parties in the Greek national elections, have spread the fear among the enemy camp.

Now, many of those who were intransigent on the imposition of a socially destructive policy on the Greek people, are “softening” their tactics and promise us a carrot in order that their political lackeys avoid a total defeat in the new national elections coming on June 17.

However, and despite their new mixture of threats and promises, the Greek People shall give them a resounding answer. All those arrogant and failed politicians and their filthy rich masters shall be obliged to face the reality: the Peoples of Europe are no more disposed to accept a continuously worsening life without dignity for the sake of a criminal oligarchy.

Proud People of Ireland, stand up for your rights!
For a better future for us all, and for the generations to come, vote NO!

Athens, May 30, 2012
Communist Organization of Greece (KOE),
A member of the Coalition of Radical Left (SYRIZA)


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