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Falls Road protest calls for end to ‘internment by remand’


éirígí Béal Feirste along with members of Stephen Murney’s family participated in a large white line picket along the Falls Road on Saturday, October 26th. The white line picket had been organised to highlight the continued use of ‘internment by remand’ against republican activists.

In the Six Counties, the practice of ‘internment by remand’ has been frequently used for several decades to imprison republican activists on the basis of trumped-up and spurious charges with little or no substantial evidence to even substantiate such charges.

The judicial, prosecution, policing and political systems all willingly collude in supporting this unjust practice.

Free Stephen Murney

Stephen Murney is but one victim of this legalised and increasing practice of collusion by, and between, state agencies to remove political opponents.

As demonstrated in the case of éirígí member Stephen Murney, when it comes to dealing with persons who form part of the political opposition to the status quo, internationally accepted conventions and rulings which forbid such injustices are continuously ignored within the Britain’s northern colony.

Stephen’s case is certainly not unique. Other cases have seen persons being held for periods of up to three years only to be eventually released with the charges dismissed.

In August éirígí and others, under the banner of the Anti-Internment League, had organised a very successful anti-internment march through Belfast and Saturday’s white-line protest was the product of similar co-operation.

End Internment

Despite atrocious weather conditions, the picket was a huge success. It was very well attended and attracted lots of attention and support from passing motorists and pedestrians.

éirígí spokesperson Máire Drumm said, “éirígí participated in Saturday’s protest to highlight the ongoing use of selective internment by remand against political activists. This vindictive policy has removed our own party member, Stephen Murney, from his family and his community for almost one year.”

Máire continued, “This insidious and unjust practice could, tomorrow, be directed against any political activist, republican or otherwise. We will continue to highlight such abuses and injustices within this so-called reformed state at every opportunity.”


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