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Further example of political policing in Newry


Stephen Murneyéirígí spokesperson John McCusker has said that an early morning raid upon the home of one of their activists, Stephen Murney, and his subsequent arrest in Newry yesterday demonstrates yet again the political nature of the PSNI.

“Stephen is well-known as an éirígí party member in the Newry area who is very active within his local community. For the past couple of years, the PSNI have conducted a lengthy and intense campaign of harassment against him.

“Independent human rights organisations are currently investigating this campaign of harassment against Stephen and other people in the Newry area. Indeed, they have documented evidence detailing this open political victimisation. It has included constant stop and search procedures, harassment, assaults, house searches and threats from the PSNI officers – all carried out under the guise of so-called ‘anti-terror’ legislation.

“This morning, the PSNI seized items from Stephen’s home which included éirígí party literature and personal items belonging to him and other members of his family. Stephen was then arrested and taken to Antrim Holding Centre. Relatives of Stephen believe the PSNI chose this morning for this particular exercise for simple the reason that the PSNI would have known it was his birthday.”

McCusker added, “Many of Stephen’s neighbours gathered beside his home this morning in a show of solidarity and to demonstrate their abhorrence of the PSNI’s actions. I would commend those people for showing such communal solidarity with Stephen and his family.

“Serious questions must be asked about the overt and aggressive political policing which is becoming a daily occurrence, not only in Newry but right across the Six Counties.

“Contrary to the message preached by constitutional nationalist parties, the era of political policing has never ended,” concluded McCusker.


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